Crazy Women's Day!

We love special occasions, and such undoubtedly remains Women's Day. Every year, therefore, we celebrate the wonderful energy of womanhood at our hotel by holding a Crazy Women's Day - an extraordinary event full of music, delicious food and an extraordinary atmosphere.

Every year our stage hosts the biggest stars of the Polish music scene. During past editions, Mateusz Ziolko, Lemon, Andrzej Piaseczny and Kasia Kowalska were guests on the thresholds of Hotel Toscania. Their live performances created a truly magical atmosphere, was a fantastic culmination of each event.

As we value good taste and take care of the smallest details of each event, we organize a fantastic two-course dinner for Women's Day participants. However, the event does not end there! Another attraction is a party until dawn, with musical selections by our DJ.

Crazy Women's Day is a proposal only for ladies. An evening during which we want to celebrate the uniqueness and magnetism of every woman. Join us to experience unforgettable moments in a setting of joy, music and dance!