Restaurant: Leszno in Italian, or a breeze from Tuscany.

Historic vineyards, picturesque hills, excellent wine, noble olive oil, exquisite pasta... This is what sunny Tuscany is famous for—a historical region located in central Italy. However, you don't have to cross the Polish borders to taste what Tuscan cuisine has to offer! In Włoszakowice, there is a place that combines Polish and Italian cuisine—Hotel Toscania with its restaurant. Leszno, which is just nearby, can thus boast a culinary neighborhood with a Tuscan touch.

Hotel and restaurant - Leszno as a delicious fusion of two cuisines

Located in the western part of Poland, known for its regional Greater Poland cuisine—that's Leszno for you. However, the restaurant in Hotel Toscania brings entirely new culinary sensations. The restaurant crew ingeniously merges the native tastes with Italian delicacies in their menu.

For the enthusiasts of traditional, local cuisine, dishes like steak tartare from chopped beef tenderloin, beef broth, or beef roulade with mushrooms await. The chefs also don't forget about vegetarian options like beetroot cold soup or fruit-filled dumplings.

For fans of Italian flavors, choices range from Spaghetti all'Carbonara, salad with Prosciutto di Parma ham, to shrimps in olive oil and butter. Various pizzas also feature prominently on the menu—from the classic Margherita, spicy Diavola, to the signature Toscana.

Breakfast? Or maybe a lunch box?

With the option of remote work becoming more common, many are venturing outside the city for a breather. After all, it's nice to sit down with a laptop in a restaurant, sipping aromatic coffee and enjoying a tasty breakfast to kickstart the day.

So, if the city hustle and bustle wear you down and you dream of leaving Leszno for a bit, the Toscania restaurant will welcome you with a delicious buffet breakfast. You can settle in the seasonal garden or the restaurant terrace overlooking green areas. Additionally, the chefs prepare convenient breakfast lunch boxes for the busy ones.

A tasting dinner? Why not!

Do you dream of a thematic culinary journey based on a seasonal menu and local ingredients? If so, make sure to visit the area around Leszno. The restaurant at Hotel Toscania will introduce you to entirely new taste experiences.

At the beginning of the tasting dinner, the chef offers an appetite-stimulating "amuse-bouche", followed by a flavorful seasonal soup. Then the first main course appears on the table, succeeded by an "Intermezzo", a light interlude before serving the second main course. The feast's finale, of course, is a delightful dessert.

However, as it turns out, this is not the end of the possibilities that a stay at Hotel Toscania brings. They also offer organizing elegant weddings, receptions, or conferences... But more on that in subsequent entries!