Attractions in our area

Welcome to the Wielkopolska region, in the picturesque area of Wloszakowice!

Whether you are a nature, history or culture lover, you can discover many fascinating places here.

Nature is one of Wielkopolska’s greatest treasures. There are beautiful parks, nature reserves and lakes in close proximity to Wloszakowice. Walks along charming paths surrounded by nature – here is a great opportunity to recharge your batteries and get away from the daily hustle and bustle.

For history buffs, on the other hand, fascinating monuments await in the vicinity of Wloszakowice. While traversing the region, you can discover mysterious traces of the past, visit historic castles, palaces and places that once belonged to the von Dzialynski family. You are also welcome to visit the Museum of the Wielkopolska Region, where you will explore the history of the region and learn about its heritage.

If you are interested in culture, Wielkopolska offers many interesting artistic events. There are concerts, festivals, exhibitions and theatrical performances in nearby cities. This is a great opportunity to explore the local scene and experience unique emotions.

There is also no shortage of places to spend time actively in the Wloszakowice area. If you like outdoor activities, you can go on a bicycle, hiking or Nordic walking tour. Wielkopolska is also famous for its beautiful canoe routes, which will enable you to discover the charms of picturesque rivers and lakes.

Don’t forget to taste the local flavors, too! In many restaurants and pubs in the vicinity of Wloszakowice, you can taste traditional dishes of Wielkopolska. Try delicious pierogies or the famous pyr with gzik.

The Greater Poland region and the area around Wloszakowice is therefore the perfect place for all adventurers and natural beauty seekers.

Around us you will find :

  • Dominickie Lake. 5 km from Wloszakowice
  • Canoeing on the Convalve Trail
  • the beach on Lake Slawskie
  • Rydzyna castle
  • District Museum in Leszno
  • Steam locomotive depot in Wolsztyn
  • Palace on a triangular plan
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Landscape park in Wloszakowice