Company Reception and Company Anniversary in the Toscania Ballroom in Wloszakowice

Elegance and Professionalism for your Company

Organising a company party or a company anniversary is a special event that requires an appropriate setting and professional service. The Toscania Ballroom in Wloszakowice is the ideal place for this kind of celebration, offering elegance, a unique atmosphere and an excellent menu. Here is what we have prepared for your company:

Elegant Ballroom for corporate events

The Toscania Ballroom in Wloszakowice is a spacious and stylish interior, which is ideal for corporate parties and company celebrations. The delightful decorations and carefully selected arrangement provide a unique atmosphere and create a special impression on guests.

Professional service and organisation

Our experienced staff will take care of every detail to ensure that your corporate party or company summer party runs smoothly and according to plan. We guarantee a professional service at every stage of your event - from planning to execution.

Excellent menus for company parties

At the Toscania Ballroom, we offer a tasty menu that combines the tradition of Polish cuisine with innovations from world cuisine. We prepare our dishes from the highest quality, fresh ingredients, which guarantees their exquisite taste. As a result, party attendees will be able to enjoy delicious dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Individual approach to customer needs

We understand how important it is that every corporate party or company summer party is tailored to the client's expectations and needs. That's why we approach each organisation with full commitment, striving to fulfil all wishes. Our individual approach makes each celebration unique and memorable.

Excellent location

The Toscania Ballroom in Wloszakowice is located in a picturesque setting, providing guests with not only a comfortable environment but also wonderful views. It is the perfect place to organise corporate parties and company anniversaries, which will not only have a perfect setting, but will also be a pleasant memory for the participants.

Choose the Toscania Ballroom in Wloszakowice to organise an unforgettable corporate party or company anniversary. Let us make your celebration a unique event that will be remembered by all participants. Contact us to discuss the details and book a date for your party.


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