Child-friendly restaurant

When creating our restaurant, we did not forget about our youngest guests! For we want to satisfy not only all culinary desires, but also to be a place where family life can fully flourish.

Our restaurant offers:

  • a special corner for children, ideal for playing and being creative during the family meal
  • special menu for the youngest guests
  • comfortable chairs for children
  • a playground where children can play outdoors
  • a mini zoo, which is sure to attract the attention of the youngest, giving them the opportunity for close contact with a variety of animals

Restaurant near Leszno

Toscania is a place created with every member of the family in mind, where the youngest guests are just as important as the adults.

We also take care of the tastes of our youngest guests by offering a specially prepared children's menu. For the comfort of parents, comfortable chairs for children are also available.

And after the meal, we encourage you to make use of our playground and mini zoo, which are sure to provide plenty of fun and new experiences.

Come and see how Toscania combines fine dining with a family-friendly atmosphere. It's a place that creates not only delicious meals but also precious memories.


Mini Zoo

offers opportunities to observe and interact with nature


Children's menu

tasty as well as healthy dishes, using high-quality products


Facilities for families

With us, children have plenty of space to play and explore, while parents can enjoy a delicious meal in peace.