A good day should start with a delicious, filling breakfast – preferably accompanied by aromatic coffee! Therefore, we make every effort to ensure our breakfast buffet is tasty, colorful, and varied. We always prepare breakfasts based on fresh products – including those from local suppliers. This allows you to taste regional cuisine, full of appetizing aromas and flavors.

At the same time, we know very well that a properly balanced diet is currently one of the most important indicators of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we focus on product diversity, taking into account all the preferences of our guests. Crunchy vegetables, juicy fruits, homemade dairy, high-quality meat products, always fresh bread in various versions – all this guarantees a delicious, well-composed, and nutritious breakfast every day – available either hot or cold.

In addition, we don’t forget about lovers of great coffee, tea, and morning sweets. Taking care of the comfort of our guests, we also consider all food allergies and intolerances. All that remains is to wish you a tasty and beautiful day!

Lunch Boxy

For many people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it’s no wonder! To start the morning off right, it’s worth having something delicious, healthy, and filling. So, if you’re on the move from early morning and at the same time don’t want to give up a nutritious meal, we suggest healthy, varied lunch boxes. The dishes you’ll find inside will not only give you a morning energy boost but also keep you full come lunchtime.

In our standard offer, every day you’ll find fresh sandwiches, made according to previous guidelines. Guests can choose both the type of bread and various breakfast additions.

In addition, there’s always a fresh Greek salad waiting in the lunch box. If cuisine from the end of the Balkan Peninsula is not to your taste? No problem — our chefs will prepare a portion of vegetables specifically to your liking.

The lunch box also contains a portion of sweet fruits, a healthy yogurt, and a drink — either water or juice. So, if you’re visiting us and planning trips in search of Greater Poland’s attractions, or you’re setting out a business itinerary outside the hotel premises, you don’t have to worry about provisions. We’ll prepare it for you!