Leszno: weddings and weddings in the open air? Why not!

Are you dreaming of a wedding and reception from across the water? American romantic cinema is a vibe you love? Then you're in luck! At the Toscania Hotel in Wloszakowice you have the opportunity to organise an absolutely original wedding. Leszno and the surrounding area is the perfect place for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Unconventional weddings and weddings - Leszno with a touch of lyricism

You really don't have to look far! A beautiful space awaits in the Wielkopolska region, where you can organise your wedding and reception in a romantic, subtle setting - all involving a picturesque garden overlooking a pond. The Toscania Hotel in Wloszakowice offers a setting under a cloud, where you can exchange words of civil vows with your loved one amidst a lyrical entourage.

An unusual architectural feature, compared to other wedding spaces, is the magnificent pier led deep into the pond and topped with a covered gazebo. It is there that the climactic moment of the ceremony can take place, when the lovers say 'I do' to each other.

It is worth noting that a qualified wedding planner can support you in the organisation of this unusual event. Diana Tylińska will help you choose the perfect decorations, take care of the right menu and take care of every little detail of the planned wedding and reception. Leszno and the surrounding area is therefore the perfect destination for every bride and groom who dreams of a fairytale celebration with character!

An outdoor wedding, a fairytale wedding

As well as an open-air wedding, Hotel Toscania also offers to organise a fairytale wedding. Leszno and the surrounding town of Wloszakowice is the place where you can organise a fully comprehensive wedding ceremony. You will find two beautiful halls: the Ballroom and the Moonroom. The former can accommodate from 100 to 200 people, while the latter can accommodate from 50 to 100 guests.

So whether you're planning a lavish celebration or an intimate gathering of loved ones, you don't have to adjust to the space - it's here to suit you and your dreams. It is worth noting that each of the rooms is decorated in a different style. The Ballroom is dominated by bright glamour elements, while the Lunar Room has an industrial flair in an elegant setting. Both, however, are stylistically neutral enough for you to incorporate fully personalised decorations.

In addition to the designer rooms, guests will also find a fantastic menu and atmospheric rooms where they can recharge after a night of partying. And all this in one extraordinary place - the Toscania Hotel.