Holy Communion at the Toscania Restaurant in Włoszakowice

An Exceptional Celebration with Attractions for Children

Restauracja Toscania, nestled amidst green acres, is the perfect space for organizing your child's communion

The charming surroundings of Restaurant Toscania

The picturesque location of Restaurant Toscania in Włoszakowice, surrounded by greenery and trees, creates a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable First Holy Communion celebration.

Exquisite Polish cuisine with culinary innovations from around the world

In our menu, you will find dishes from Polish cuisine, enriched with exquisite innovations from different parts of the world. Prepared with fresh, local ingredients, they are sure to satisfy every palate. What's more, we also provide delicious ice cream included in the menu price. This way, the little ones can enjoy a tasty dessert. However, exquisite food is not all we offer.

Children's Entertainers

We also guarantee additional attractions for children, such as animated games. Thanks to them, the youngest guests will be able to have fun and enjoy specially prepared activities, while adults will engage in the celebration of this important event.

Ice cream for children included in the menu price.

Taking care of the full satisfaction of our youngest guests, we offer delicious ice cream included in the children's menu price. This way, the little ones can enjoy a tasty dessert that will perfectly complement the whole feast.

Professional service and individual approach

Our experienced staff will take care of every detail of the communion celebration. We approach the organization of all events individually, adapting to the needs and wishes of the client, making this day absolutely unique.


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Organizing christenings at Hotel Toscania in Włoszakowice near Leszno is not only about beautiful shots but also wonderful memories. See for yourself how much you can gain by organizing christenings in this unique place.


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