Toscania Hotel is located in the exceptionally charming region of Wielkopolska. We are situated right next to recreational towns boasting beautiful lakes.

We will organize your dream event weeding

At the Toscania hotel, a beautifully arranged space awaits you, where you can organize a wedding in your dream setting. We have two wedding halls with different aesthetics, which allows us to fully adapt to your needs and taste.

In the Ballroom, bright elements dominate, revolving around a glamour style, while in the Moonlit Room, you can find industrial tones presented elegantly. However, both are stylistically neutral enough that you can introduce fully personalized decorations. In addition to the stylish halls, our guests can also expect a delicious menu and atmospheric rooms where they can rejuvenate after an all-night celebration.

It's worth emphasizing that the Toscania hotel is located in a beautiful, green area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, what distinguishes us from other similar facilities is the possibility of organizing an outdoor wedding, all set against the backdrop of a picturesque garden overlooking a pond.

So, if you're looking for a place where your wedding and reception will be a one-of-a-kind event, we invite you to get in touch.

Child-friendly place

While designing the space of our hotel, we tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. As a result, we have created an ideal place for families with children. Our restaurant is fully child-friendly. In addition to a play corner, children can find a specially dedicated menu here, made from the highest quality ingredients.

While preparing specific dishes, our chefs consider all kinds of allergies and food intolerances.

Within the hotel grounds, families with children will discover a plethora of unique attractions. They can look forward to a mini ZOO, a playground, and just nearby, the delicious "Szarlotka" patisserie.

All this is designed to ensure that your family time passes in undisturbed joy and carefreeness, creating fantastic memories for years to come.

Perfect space for special occasions

As enthusiasts of beautiful and soulful places, we strive to make every event we organize absolutely unforgettable. Therefore, each time we create a completely new setting for a specific ceremony.

At the Hotel Toscania, you will find not only a magnificent garden, which remains a perfect setting for outdoor events, but also stylish rooms of various sizes. The two most magnificent ones are the Ballroom and the Moon Room. However, if you're looking for a ceremony in a slightly more intimate atmosphere, we have spaces with a cozy character. We have already organized many successful events in various forms and scales.

Together with our team, we will help you create any event, even the most audacious in realization. Be it a wedding, baptism, communion, prom, or a specific anniversary - our hotel and restaurant, along with an exquisite menu, are fully at your disposal.

Remember that you don't have to approach your planned venture in a template way - our hotel is an extraordinary space with many different possibilities.

Comprehensive offer for
the business world

Hotel Toscania is not just a beautiful, stylish space perfect for relaxation but also excellent for organizing professional events from the business world.

In Włoszakowice, comfortable conference rooms await you. A modern space dedicated to business and cultural events, consistently equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, ensures effective communication.

Additionally, the rooms can boast a designer decor and ergonomic furniture, ensuring maximum comfort — both for guests and speakers.

It's worth noting that Hotel Toscania has a sophisticated accommodation and restaurant facility. Therefore, organizing a conference or training can be confidently combined with a recreational stay, an elegant banquet, or a company event in an integrative form.

  • Training
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Business Meetings

The only hotel in Wielkopolska that offers



Discover the fantastic playground at Hotel Toscania - the perfect spot for children to play and spend time actively.



Bar at Hotel Toscania: the perfect place for relaxation, meetings, and tasting exquisite cocktails and beverages.



Fitness at Hotel Toscania: a modern center for guests, offering a wide range of equipment for training and relaxation.


Safe and specious parking

Hotel Toscania offers a large, complimentary parking area for guests - a convenient place to park your car during your stay.



Tennis court at Hotel Toscania: a perfect spot for tennis enthusiasts to enjoy the sport during their stay.


Mini Zoo

Visit the charming Mini Zoo at Hotel Toscania - the perfect place for families with children to observe and feed the animals.



The garden of Hotel Toscania: a picturesque spot where guests can relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, and spend time outdoors.

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