Conference rooms — Leszno in a business tone. Why is it worth using business spaces?

Włoszakowice is a town as charming and perfect for relaxation as it is excellent for organizing various business events. In the atmospheric Hotel Toscania, you will find not only comfortable accommodations but also modern conference rooms. Leszno, located nearby, can therefore boast a great alternative to traditional urban business spaces. So why is it worth considering organizing a conference away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis?

Conference rooms — convenience with a designer touch.

Organizing a conference at the company's headquarters is not always possible — mainly due to limited local conditions. This is when facilities with modern interiors, such as conference rooms, come to the rescue. Leszno and its surroundings are places on the map of Poland that are actively building a base of business spaces. A well-designed conference room can be found, among others, at Hotel Toscania, located in Włoszakowice.

The facility features a bright, modern space dedicated to events from the worlds of business and culture. Guests have at their disposal a functionally furnished interior, properly soundproofed and illuminated. The room is equipped with modern multimedia equipment, ensuring effective communication. In addition, the room boasts a minimalist, designer decor and ergonomic furniture, ensuring maximum comfort for guests. It's not just a matter of aesthetics but also the highest comfort — both for those leading the conference and the listeners.

"Our services enjoy a high reputation "among customers, as confirmed by numerous positive reviews on Google,, and TripAdvisor.


Hotel and conference rooms? Leszno and its surroundings are what you're looking for

Organizing a conference outside the company's headquarters is not only a chance for better event organization but also a form of entertainment for the participants. Besides acquiring specialized knowledge, they have the opportunity for some variety and a fresh perspective on the discussed issues, which often translates into greater involvement in the ongoing projects. Ideally, therefore, if the event is organized outside the city — where you can also have some fun, relax, and breathe.

So if you are still wondering where the proven conference rooms are, Leszno and the nearby Włoszakowice prove to be the perfect solution! The town is not only calm and quiet but also beautifully located. It's no secret that the natural world remains one of the greatest treasures of Wielkopolska. Not far from Włoszakowice, there are fantastic parks, nature reserves, and lakes.

After the organized conference, you can wonderfully relax amidst the greenery and recharge your batteries. Moreover, the Toscania hotel has elegant accommodation and restaurant facilities, so organizing a conference can easily be combined with a leisure stay.

Remember: organizing a conference outside the workplace is not only an opportunity to gain significant knowledge and new skills but also a chance for employee integration, enhancing the company's prestige, and spending time pleasantly in an entirely new place

Beata Adamczak – Olwagen 

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