Outdoor fun

We invite the youngest to a world full of childlike joy and colors. It is here that they will find a safe space for play and discovering unforgettable attractions. Swings, carousels, slides, climbing walls…

Everything is just waiting for little adventurers to safely develop their cognitive abilities and dexterity.

We also care about the utmost comfort of parents – we have prepared comfortable garden furniture where they can relax, enjoy nature, and watch their little ones.

How about a mini safari just around the corner? Next to the playground is a mini zoo! Children have the opportunity to get to know different species of animals and learn interesting facts about their lives.

This is the perfect place for the whole family. We await you with open arms!

In the playground you will find:

  • swings
  • slides
  • carousels
  • climbing walls
  • obstacle course
  • benches
  • garden furniture
  • games
  • cottages

Children's menu

Flavors for the youngest

We invite you to enjoy a special menu for children at Toscania Restaurant!

For our youngest guests we have prepared tasty, healthy dishes that will appeal to even the biggest eater. Traditional broth with drained noodles, sweet dumplings with fruit or crispy poultry cutlet in panco served with fries await.

Taking care of the comfort and health of the youngest is an absolute priority for us, so we do our best to make it always fresh, delicious and fancy!


Facilities for families

Comfortable stay for the whole family

Our hotel is a real paradise for families with children! The entire infrastructure of the facility is designed to make family time blissful, comfortable and safe.

We have spacious rooms for families, where every detail is designed with the comfort of our youngest guests in mind. In addition, the Toscania restaurant provides a special menu for children, where you'll find healthy and tasty dishes that will satisfy even the biggest eater.

For the little explorers, we have prepared a restaurant corner with toys and an outdoor playground, where they can play safely and give vent to their energy. A charming mini zoo also awaits! This is quite an attraction, where children can get to know and admire a variety of animals more closely, such as llamas, ponies, rabbits and many others.

We value family time and strive to make every visit to our facility an unforgettable experience. We provide a warm, friendly atmosphere and professional service.

Come visit us and see for yourself that Toscania is a place that is vibrant and happy with every child's smile.