Corporate Events and Company Anniversaries in the Toscania Ballroom in Włoszakowice

Elegance and Professionalism for Your Company

Organizing a corporate event is a special occasion that requires the right setting and professional service. Our Toscania Ballroom proves to be the perfect place for such celebrations, offering elegant interiors, a unique atmosphere, and an excellent menu.

Elegant Ballroom for Corporate Events

The Toscania Ballroom is a spacious, tastefully decorated interior that is perfect for organizing corporate events and all kinds of company anniversaries. The stylish color combination of the arrangements, space, and tasteful accessories provide a unique atmosphere.

Professional service and organization

Our experienced staff will take care of every detail of your event. We guarantee professional service at every stage of the event organization – from planning to execution.

Exquisite menu for corporate events

Our chefs guarantee a delicious menu that gracefully combines the tradition of Polish cuisine with innovations from world cuisine. We prepare our dishes from the highest quality, fresh ingredients – including those from the region.

Individual approach to the client's needs

We understand how important it is for every corporate event to be fully tailored to the client's expectations and needs. That's why we approach each event individually and with full commitment. This ensures that the planned celebration has the chance to become unique and unforgettable.

Excellent location

It's worth noting that our hotel is located in the heart of Wielkopolska, ensuring guests have comfortable transportation. The Ballroom itself is set in a picturesque setting, providing guests not only with great conditions for entertainment but also with beautiful landscapes.

Choose the Toscania hotel and let us make your celebration a unique event. Contact us to discuss the details and book the date for your event


Przykładowe menu

Odkryj smaki naszego menu: pyszne przystawki, wykwintne dania główne, aromatyczne zupy oraz niebiańskie desery.


Zobacz otoczenie

Zapraszamy do odkrywania malowniczego otoczenia Hotelu Toscania - piękne krajobrazy, urokliwe miejsca i niezapomniane widoki.


Jak dojechać

Sprawdź jak dojechać do Hotelu Toscania - dogodne połączenia, szybkie trasy oraz wskazówki dojazdu dla komfortu podróży.


Hotel Toscania

Odkryj Hotel Toscania - eleganckie pokoje, wyjątkowe przyjęcia okolicznościowe i malownicze otoczenie.

Nasze usługi cieszą się wysoką opinią wśród klientów, co potwierdzają liczne pozytywne recenzje na Google, oraz TripAdvisor oraz Facebook.

Toscania Hotel and Restaurant - perfection in every detail. We offer luxurious accommodation, exquisite cuisine, and professional service. The perfect place for any corporate event or anniversary. Choose Toscania Hotel - a guarantee of an unforgettable event!


Beata Adamczak – Olwagen 

Marketing and Conference Manager





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